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Additional Key Art, Winning Cards, Location Cards, and Type Design.

Design Director: Brian Gartside.

HBO Westworld

The Maze

"Alexa, open Westworld."

This is the most ambitious voice game to date.

And 360i’s most awarded ad ever, even beating the Oreo tweet.

You play as a robot host on a quest for consciousness by navigating a choose-your-own-adventure-style web of trivia and puzzles.

Created with Westworld's producers and stars, and enhanced by an AI-powered game engine, "The Maze" uses the show's entire sound library to bring the park to life in your living room.


ADC – Merit (Branded Content)

ADC – Merit (Games)

ADC – Merit (Responsive Environments)

ADC – Silver (User Experience Design)

ADC – Silver (Use of Technology)

ADC – Bronze (Web/Social Media)

AdWeek Experiential Awards - Finalist (Best Use of Music/Audio)

AICP Next – Winner (Branded Content)

AICP Next – Winner (Innovation)

ANDY Awards – Gold (Idea)

ANDY Awards – Gold (Reset)

APPY Awards – Best in Show

APPY Awards – Best Use of Smart Speaker App

Cannes – Silver (Branded Content: Innovation in Radio & Audio)

Cannes – Shortlist (Casting: Excellence in Radio & Audio)

Cannes – Gold (Experience Design: Voice)

Cannes – Bronze (Media: Radio & Audio)

Cannes – Shortlist (Native Advertising: Innovation & Ratio & Audio)

Cannes – Shortlist (Personalized Storytelling & Experience)

Cannes – Shortlist (Promotional Content: Innovation & Ratio & Audio)

Cannes – Grand Prix (Radio & Audio)

Cannes – Shortlist (Sound Design: Excellence in Radio & Audio)

Cannes – Shortlist (Talent: Digital & Social)

Cannes – Shortlist (Talent: Film, Series & Audio)

Cannes – Shortlist (Tech-led Brand Experience)

Cannes – Shortlist (Use of Emerging Tech for Games)

Cannes – Shortlist (Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium)

Creative Review – The Annual 2019

Creativity – Best Use of Voice Tech

Clio – Silver (Games)

Clio – Bronze (Medium Innovation)

Clio – Bronze (Sound Design)

Clio – Bronze (Games)

Clio – Shortlist (Audio)

Clio Entertainment - Bronze (Games)

Clio Entertainment - Silver (Innovation)

Clio Entertainment - Silver (Original Content)

Clio Entertainment - Silver (Sound Design)

D&AD – Shortlist (Creative Use of Technology)

D&AD – Wood (Innovative Use of Radio & Audio)

London International - Silver (Audio)

London International - Gold (Creative Technology)

London International - Gold (Innovative Use of Radio & Audio)

London International - Gold (Sound Design)

London International - Gold (Sound Design)

Lürzer's Grand Slam – Gold (Games)

Lürzer's Grand Slam – Gold (Innovation in Sound)

Lürzer's Grand Slam – Bronze (Use of Digital & Social)

New York Festivals – First Prize (Best Use of Audio)

New York Festivals – Second Prize (Best Use of Digital)

New York Festivals – Finalist (Brave Work)

New York Festivals – Second Prize (Creative Use of Medium)

New York Festivals – First Prize (Gaming)

New York Festivals – Second Prize (Technology)

New York Festivals – Third Prize (Technology)

OMMA - Best in Gaming

OMMA - Best in Interactive Creative

One Show – Bronze (Audio)

One Show – Merit (Craft Sound Design)

One Show – Best of Discipline (Digital Craft)

One Show – Bronze (Experiential Radio & Audio)

One Show – Merit (Innovation in Radio & Audio)

One Show – Merit (Smart Devices & Platforms)

One Show – Merit (Sound Design)

One Show – Merit (Use of Smart Devices)

One Show – Gold (Visual & Audio Craft)

Radio Mercury Awards – Winner (Creative Use of Audio)

Shorty Awards – Gold (Games)

Shorty Awards – Winner (Artificial Intelligence)

SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards – Finalist (Music & Audio)

Voice First – Finalist (Alexa Skill of the Year)

Voice First – Finalist (Storytelling)

WARC – Creative 100 (#58)

Webby Awards - Winner (Branded Content)

Webby Awards - Winner (Best Use of Machine Learning)

Webby Awards - Finalist (Best User Experience)


AdAge, AdWeek, Bleeding Cool, CNET, Creativity, Digit, Digital Trends, The Durm, Engadget, Entertainment Weekly, Fansided, Fast Company, Fortune, Mashable, PSFK, PureWow, Recode, Slash Gear, SyfyWire, TV Insider, UPROXX, The Verge, Wired, The Wrap, et al.


11,000 lines of script.

36 voice actors.

60 player-generated paths.

32 ways to die.

2 hours of unique gameplay.

1 LSU football-related easter egg.